5 Healthier Bakes You Won't Be Able To Resist In January

Carrot Cake

January is a tough month for bakers. You’ve spent all Christmas baking yet the moment January 1st comes along you’re meant to stop and jump on the health machine. Well we just can’t do it, so we’ve listed out our five baking recipes to bring a bit of balance to your January.


You can bake your own at home using rich oats, nuts and honey. A dollop of Greek yoghurt makes a delicious breakfast too. Cookie and Kate have a delicious healthy Granola recipe.

Carrot Cake

Can carrot cakes ever be healthy? Well it depends what you put in it. This one from Clever Meal is an all in one blend – so super easy. 

Banana Bread

Like Carrot Cake, Banana bread is only as healthy as what you put it in. Swapping white flour for wholemeal which goes nicely in the recipe. This from the BBC food also uses less refined sugar than others.

Chocolate Shredded Nests              

An alternative to traditional chocolate nests, these are lower in saturated fat and use a good source of fibre in the shredded wheat. The children will love making them in the holidays. 

Tea Bread

This moister than most tea bread recipe uses wholemeal flour, chai tea and sunflower oil making it a healthier alternative to the rich fruit cake you’ve had over Christmas.