Why are sweet treats such a popular Valentine's Day gift?

The Beginning of giving the Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you wondered how the connection of chocolates and love was made? How the tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day was formed?

Chocolate is considered aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs. Chocolate is said to contain substance that inflames desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. 
The history of Valentine's Day stretches back to the Roman era, but the addition of chocolate as the staple fixture on the day dedicated to the celebration of love is the fairly a novel addition.

Perhaps, it might be a marketing strategy of the genius Richard Cadbury of the 19th century that is still hugely successful even to this day and age.
In the 1800s, his British family used to manufacture chocolate and was looking for a way to utilise cocoa butter that was extracted during the making of chocolate liquor. Richard Cadbury developed a way to make to chocolate bars that were good in the taste along with being economical.

Previously, chocolate was expensive to purchase and the only elite class was able to buy the chocolate from limited resources. This resulted in the tradition in European royalty to give their lovers chocolates mixed with amber to stimulate their love.

Cadbury was able to produce chocolate that was easy on the pockets. His next step was to create beautiful boxes for chocolates with cupid and roses, which were quite popular in Victorian days and were considered as the symbol of romance. Needless to say, his chocolates became palatable and commercialized, thus sold like hot cakes. Cadbury was actually the one who first invented the heart-shaped box of chocolate and changed the Valentine’s Day forever for the generations of lovers.

Even without going into the history of the relation of Valentine’s Day and the chocolates, it’s easy to understand why chocolate is the favorite way to express love on the Valentine’s Day. There is an allure to chocolate that in essence is exotically romantic, it’s simply an edible declaration of love that makes the recipients of chocolate feel special and undeniably gratifying. The chocolate looks feels and tastes heavenly. This luscious substance not only melts in our mouth in a burst of flavors but also melt our hearts in bliss. This is probably the biggest reason why chocolate and red roses are the second most preferred gifts to give on Valentine’s Day, behind a night out.