Why Chocolate orange is the flavour of Christmas!

Just why are we obsessed with the taste of chocolate oranges at Christmas?  

Well, there's traditional tales of how St Nicholas sought out the man's house and tipped three sacks of gold down the chimney, where the coins happened to land in the girls' stockings, which were drying beside the fire. The clementines (or oranges) in our modern Christmas stockings are said to be a symbol of the saint's generosity.

Others can relate more to the historical tales that oranges became a luxury for families of modest means who reserved them as a gift for their children. It was during the Victorian era that the concept of Christmas was also transforming from a purely religious celebration to one dominated by gifts, and presenting an orange or clementine, at that time a rare and sough after fruit, was a special treat if you didn’t come from a family of means.

The clementines were likely purchased from merchants who brought the citrus from places like Valencia, Spain, or Ivrea, Italy, where the sunny climate allowed sweet oranges to grow bountiful.

As times have evolved, the humble clementine in the stocking has been spruced up to evolve into the UK's fave, Terry's chocolate orange!

Whatever the backstory, as a nation of chocolate lovers, we've taken to the very smell and flavour of chocolate orange to be a signifier of the Christmas period.  

From making pomanders, to decorating garlands with dried orange slices, our love for the citrus smell and flavour is inarguable. 

Thanks goodness that there are now more ways than ever to enjoy that Chocolate orange flavour, from Milkshakes to Brownies and even the odd gin!  We'll drink to that!